Given our modern society, with all of the luxuries and technologies it offers, it is surprising that most drivers still put their tire chains on the old fashioned way.  That’s like still crossing America in a covered wagon or like hauling freight in a 1968 Mack.  Some things are just outdated technologies and draping tires chains is just that.  Introducing the "Trucker's Chain-Up Tool."  With this tool, installing your tire chains is no longer a hassle and can easily install your chains in 10 to 15 minutes.  It literally takes longer to take them off of their hangers than it does to put them on the tires, and they also go on much tighter.  No more spinning your tire chains off or needing to stop and re-tighten  or worse yet, re-install them.  Your chains will last longer because they will be tighter on the tires so cross-links will not break near as often saving money on chain repair or replacement.  Lets face it, time is money and drivers don’t make money sitting on the side of the road draping their chains or make even less money sitting at a truckstop waiting out the storm.  Trucks dont make money unless wheels are turning.  Driving a truck in the winter time is certainly not a fun task but it must be done, so a person would be crazy not to utilize all of the tools available to make it as easy, convenient and safe as possible.       

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Can you remember the last time you had to chain up?  Do you remember getting out into the cold windy weather, draping your tire chains over the tires, fishing for the ends in the cold snowy slush, water dripping down your neck, gloves getting soaked trying to get them tight onto the tires.  Finally after getting them as tight as you can you get back into your truck trying to warm back up after getting chilled from being out in the cold for so long.


Now try to imagine an easier way to chain up.  You pull off at the bottom of the hill to chain up.  You get out your “Truckers Chain-Up Tool”, put on your gloves and step outside.  You pull your chains off their hangers and lay them out flat.  You put the “Trucker’s Chain-Up Tool” onto the tires and attach the chains on both sides in a matter of minutes and get back into your warm truck.  You pull forward one revolution watching the tool handle in the mirror so you know exactly when to stop.  You get back out, without needing to fish for the chain ends as they are hanging there ready to attach, you connect the ends and tighten your cam locks.  There is no need to get under the trailer other than to attach the inner side of the chain so no water is dripping down your neck.  The chain ends were hanging ready to attach and not lying in the snow so your gloves are not soaked.  You were outside for only a few minutes and both sides are now chained up tight and you are now back in your truck ready to drive again.  This time you are not chilled, you are not soaking wet and you are prepared for whatever you may encounter going up that hill without worries.


Once you receive your “Trucker’s Chain-Up Tool” give it a try and find out for yourself that it really is that SIMPLE, EASY and FAST!!!  You will be thanking yourself the next time you need to chain up and you have the “Trucker’s Chain-Up Tool” to virtually do it for you!!!